HITECH Act eligible professional seeking IT consultant


Medical Professionals

  • Need help choosing or installing an EHR system?
  • Seeking guidance on the HITECH Act incentive programs?

HitechEasy Consultants are independently evaluated based on clearly established experience, skills and reputation before being approved to work for you. They are IT professionals you can trust to get your practice from initial EHR implementation to final incentive program payment. It only takes a few seconds to submit your request for a pre- evaluated consultant to be hand-picked for your specific purposes. This service is completely free for HITECH eligible professionals.

IT consultant able assist eligible professional with certified EHR technology


IT Consultants

  • Want to help medical professionals take advantage of EHR technology and the HITECH Act incentive programs?

If you have top-notch EHR technology skills and an excellent professional reputation, you are invited to apply to the HitechEasy Consultant Network. Those selected will be entitled to valuable professional guidance and exciting promotional materials, and will gain access to new consulting opportunities in their local area.

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